Xbox Series X/PlayStation 5

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Start Date:10-16-2020 | End Date:12-11-2020

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We are raffling off a Xbox Series X and a PlayStation 5!

All proceeds go to benefit A Steady Hand

About A Steady Hand

We believe in investing time in every young person we come in contact with. We ask our mentors to have 2 in person contacts with their mentee.
Exposing: We believe in physically exposing our young people to opportunities that will inspire them for a lifetime. We accomplish that through tours of colleges, major corporations, and any places that will spark their internal flame. Additionally, as we are nationally known for our “Breakfast With Dads” events, we look to host exciting and informative in school assemblies.
Sports: We believe that sports is a great teaching tool. We will utilize team, individual and e-sports to further the growth and development of our young people.
Caring: It is impossible to interact with these young people and not address direct economic, mental, and social needs. So we formed A Steady Hand Cares to address these area.
Collaborating: As we expand across America, we know that no one organization can help every young person. We are always actively looking for like minded partners to help achieve the collective goal.

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